Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disasters happen. Can your business handle one?

You certainly don’t want to think about a disaster happening to your company, but unfortunately, disasters do happen. We’re not just talking about weather-related disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes, but also the man-made kind, like power failures, viruses and hackers.

No matter what the disaster, one thing is for certain. Downtime to your organization is costly. From a few hours, to days, to weeks, would your business survive with the potential loss of:

  • productivity
  • customers
  • hardware and systems
  • critical business information
  • your physical location

Planning and testing your disaster recovery solution to have your business up and running no matter what the trouble, is an extra insurance policy for the survival of your business.

What disaster recovery solution do you need?

When it comes down to it, disaster recovery can be defined using two key metrics, Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). In their most simplest definitions, this means how long can you afford to have your systems down and how much data can you afford to “lose”.

If your RTO is a few days but your RPO is one day’s worth of data (typically for small businesses), a reliable system backup could be your disaster recovery plan. But, if your RTO and RPO are very short (as with most mid to large sized businesses), you need a more robust solution.

Rest easy with a customized combination of Proxurve solutions:

Don’t let it be too late – plan ahead and protect your business. Contact us to customize the best solution for you.