Online Data Backup

Is your online data backup providing all of the insurance your business needs?

No matter what type of business you have, your data is its core. Emails, projects, documents, customer information, accounting…the simple fact is that your data runs your business. If you were unable to retrieve any piece of your data easily, much less all of it, what would it cost your business?

Not all online backup solutions are the same. Enterprise class solutions don’t just backup your data, they back up your data in a usable and relevant manner to your business needs. That is exactly what ParaDATA Online Data Backup will do for you with the bonus of our expert technology team that understands how your systems, your retention policies, and your current technology (Windows, Mac or Linux) impacts backing up your data.

ParaDATA Online Data Backup utilizes these key components

  1. Quick and easy restore
  2. Offsite servers
  3. “Point-in-time” versions
  4. Encrypted and compressed data
  5. Incremental block level changes
  6. Virtually unlimited versioning
  7. Open file backup
  8. Bandwidth throttling

Quick and easy restore: Interruptions in your systems happen, they cannot be avoided. The answer is to be able to minimize the interruption and keep your business running and your deadlines met. Restoring your data quickly keeps these interruptions minimized.

Offsite servers: Physical damage to your business from storms, power outages, even theft leave you with the possibility of losing all of your critical business information. Having your business data backed up and stored in a separate physical location lets you get back up and running quickly should any type of disaster knock on your door.

“Point-in-time” versions: Loading tape archives to find an answer or proof to a question takes time…a lot of time. Instead, restoring your online data using “point-in-time” versions gives you the capability to easily find exactly the data you are looking for, no matter if it was a month or a couple years ago.

Encrypted and compressed data: Transferring your backup data over the Internet leaves it vulnerable and open to hackers. Rest assured that with encryption and compression of your data on your systems before it is transmitted, your data is secure.

Incremental block level changes: After the initial backup is completed, your storage usage is optimized (along with your bandwidth usage) by simply backing up only changes in your system providing savings in both productivity and cost of your bandwidth and storage.

Virtually unlimited versioning: Your data retention policies dictate saving data for your financial documents with a different time period and a different format than say your email archives. With virtually unlimited versioning, you can access past versions of your data in useable formats, for each of your different policy areas for the time period you designate.

Open file backup: Since backup programs work best if they are processed at regular intervals, they will need to run during work hours. This leads to the potential that their processes may interfere with other programs you have running. With Volume Shadow Copy Service backup, backup snapshots are run eliminating interference with any programs accessing the same files.

Bandwidth throttling:  Not setting limits on bandwidth could potentially cause network congestion and data request failures. Using bandwidth throttling keeps your backup data transferring without interruption during work hours and keep your systems running efficiently during the backup process.

Insure your data and your business. Contact us today to set up ParaDATA Online Data Backup.