SAN Disaster Recovery Solution

How can your system crash and your employees continue to work?

Your day-to-day operations are critical to productivity and how you do business. Putting your business on hold because your system crashed is not a customer practice you would choose. Your customers may put up with a little inconvenience, but you know they don’t or shouldn’t have to put up with long delays while you scramble to band-aid a fix to get up and running again due to a power failure or worse, a storm that takes your location out.

Ensuring seamless continuity between your applications so you are always open for business is a must for your disaster recovery planning.

How does utilizing a SAN do all this?

  • site-to-site replication
  • consolidation of multiple locations
  • expands with your growing information needs
  • no additional fees leaving it very cost efficient

and SANs do even more

  • Uses a WAN replication feature that will replicate any and all LUNs to a second SAN located in another facility
  • SANs don’t even have to be exactly the same – all that is necessary is that the same or greater storage capacity is available on the secondary SAN
  • Have SAS or SSD drives in your primary/production SAN and SATA drives in the secondary SAN to help reduce costs – even mix/match drive types in your production SAN if necessary
  • SANs allow for faulty servers to be replaced quickly

You can also use this SAN as the back-end shared storage to your virtual environment, replicate the LUNs to your hot/cold facility and if a disaster occurs, you will be back in business in a matter of minutes.

Contact us to see how using SANs in your disaster recovery provide adaptability and continuity.