Hosted Email Exchange

How easy is it for your employees to share information with each other?

Your business needs are growing, and it’s important that your employees share business critical information with each other real-time. With Hosted Email Exchange services, all of your business information is centrally stored, making it easy for your employees to access information as they need it. It doesn’t matter if they are in the office, meeting with a client, or working from home, with Hosted Exchange, information is a click away.

Shared calendars make it simple to schedule meetings.

Collaborate by modifying files real-time.

Share contact information with unified address books.

Attachment and message archiving keeps files readily available.

Access information across technologies-laptops, tablets and cell phones anytime, anywhere.

Plus, with our hosted Microsoft Exchange offering your business receives one of the most advanced Hosted Exchange packages in its class. Your business is assured:

  • High reliability – email will be available 99.999% of the time
  • Microsoft enterprise grade security
  • Data is redundantly backed up
  • Greater storage capacity, and larger mailboxes to meet your compliance needs

Start sharing your business information securely and easily, contact us for your enterprise level Hosted Exchange services today.