POP3 Email

Are you ready for the next step in handling your business email?

Your business is growing, and managing your email with your current email provider is lacking some of the functionality you need. Plus, your concern on how safe your business email information is has grown too – your clients and customers must feel comfortable their communications with you are secure.

Step into our POP3 email service where dedicated security and reliability is the forefront of what we provide your business. Our messaging servers are secure and always up-to-date. They are also in production to handle only one task, email, lessening the chance of any incompatibilities between services that could make your email unavailable.

  • Our goal is to keep our messaging servers up 99.99% of the time outside of normal maintenance.
  • Email addresses with your company’s domain name unifies your marketing and business appearance.
  • Manage your email together with our backup services and know you will not lose any of your email communications.
  • Integrate your email account into a client application like Microsoft Outlook, consolidating any separate email accounts you may have had.
  • Our web interface has all the bells and whistles you need to manage and organize your emails. Auto responders, forwarding, client rules and server rules and more. Accessing your email while you are mobile is easy.

If your business needs more email storage space along with shared collaboration tools, look into our Hosted Exchange services.