Enhanced Protection Services

Our Enhanced Protection Service (EPS) provides E-mail Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus protection for all emails destined to your email server.  First, we direct all emails to a scrubbing system that analyzes each message to determine if it is a legitimate message or not.  If it is determined that the message is valid, it is release for delivery to your email server.  If the message has a high enough rating to be deemed as SPAM, it is dropped and never delivered.  For those messages that the scrubbing system isn’t sure as to the validity, the message will be quarantine for your later review.

Also with EPS, each user has the capability to create their own allow and deny list.  These lists can be updated via a web portal or an Outlook plug-in.

A third way EPS prevents SPAM from entering your email system to to block the delivery of email except when coming from the scrubbers.  The reason we implement the phase of EPS is that spammers don’t play by the rules.  Typically, email traverses the Internet toward its destination by using a DNS record called an MX (Mail Exchange).  However, spammers don’t always use the MX record and will sometimes send directly to the email server.  If your not using something like our EPS service, you could be vulnerable to SPAM even if you’re using an Anti-SPAM service.