Application Delivery

With our Application Delivery service, you have access to your business critical applications and data from most any place, any time, from nearly any device.  As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your applications from any Windows device, iPad, iPhone and Droid devices. 

With this service, a company could run completely “in the cloud” without ever needing to purchase a server or Microsoft applications.  Our Application Delivery service invoices our clients on a monthly basis with per user pricing for the apps and per company pricing for storage.   You never have to worry about hardware/software upgrades, maintenance, backups, an MSP charge for monitoring your server, etc.  It’s all built into the monthly recurring charge. 

Some of the features of Application Delivery are:

  • All of your data is in the “cloud”….. offsite
  • You can access the cloud from most any computer or device that has access to the internet
  • You have full use of MS Office Standard edition (Office Professional is available for an additional charge)
  • You can print to the local printer attached to the workstation or a network printer
  • Your data is backed up from the cloud to our paraDATA storage and then replicated to another site
  • Access from the cloud to your local hard drive for data transfer
  • And more…